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Who is DCBL?

Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited – known as DCBL – is an established enforcement agency (bailiffs) who collect Council Tax arrears for local councils, debts for private companies and rent arrears in communities across England and Wales. DCBL was exclusively featured on the Channel 5 programme Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away.

What Does DCBL Bailiffs Do?

County Court and Local Authority Debt Recovery. DCBL Debt Collectors have become famous recently, appearing on the Channel 5 programme Can’t pay, we’ll take it away’. Of course, that will not help you one bit! They predominantly work in debt recovery, high court enforcement, on behalf of large landlords on commercial rent recovery. Usually, if you are not able to pay these debts with 7 days then the court or landlord will employ DCBL as debt collectors and bailiffs to collect money from you. They will come to your house or business and discuss payment options with you. Whilst it is not preferable, they can seize your property under certain circumstances. Direct Collection Enforcement Services have five offices around the UK.

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We understand having a bailiff knock at your door is a worrying time in anyone’s life. Debt worries can leave us feeling isolated from the world and unsure of which way to turn.

This is where we come in – to steer you in the right direction towards Bailiff and debt recovery help.

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Write-off unaffordable unsecured debt

We will deal with creditors for you

We will deal with creditors for you

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