£19 Billion owed in everyday bills

Households have fallen behind on their essential bills, such as council tax and utilities, by an estimated £18.9 billion

Citizens Advice has seen a 24% rise in bailiff problems.

Falling behind on household bills typically has more severe consequences than missing consumer credit repayments, like overdrafts and personal loans

£2.84 billion owed to local authorities in council tax arrears

Last year debt charities helped nearly 690,000 people with household bill debt problems

Who are Bailiffs?

In the United Kingdom, bailiffs are authorized individuals who are hired by creditors to collect unpaid debts from individuals or businesses. They have the legal right to seize assets or possessions belonging to the debtor in order to sell them and recover the outstanding amount owed…

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Can the bailiff force entry?

Bailiffs have a range of powers that allow them to collect unpaid debts. These include….

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What Should I Do?


If you are contacted by a bailiff, it is important to take action as soon as possible to avoid any further action being taken against you. The first step is to check that the bailiff is genuine…


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